A Parents review: ?Kids School Shoes?

It is definitely one of the happiest moments for any parent to watch their ward walking for the first time. Many capture their first steps and celebrate and in most cases brings tears to your eyes. In order to protect these little steps and delicate feet many shoes brands have designed the most comfortable shoes for kids. Special attention should be paid on the comfort level which would not only protect the delicate skin but also look really trendy and stylish. The range start from first walking shoes, school shoes, trainers, sandals and the list goes on. According to famous shoe brands the kids shoes should be vibrant looking and attractive which surely does represents a character of a kid.

As my boy enters his second year of primary school, I have gained some valuable experience in choosing the right and gorgeous school shoes. When he first went to primary school last year, I got him two pairs of school shoes and let him wear them alternately throughout the week. I discovered that after a few months the shoes had fallen apart.

One tip for parents who are shopping for school shoes for their kids. If you choose to buy the velco type for convenience and easy use, do choose the biggest straps available for stonger bond. I made a wrong choice choosing the wrong design coupled with double/triple Velcro straps and the bond literally weakened after only a few months.

My boy started complaining about his “loose” shoes after only three months of wearing them. He told me that he had to adjust the straps every now and then and even shared with me on one incident, quite hilarious I would say. It was during PE session that his teacher asked him and his mates to run as fast as they could if they wished to get shortlisted for participation in the upcoming Sports Day. His shoes gave way and shot ahead of him and got to the finish line before he did.

“I learned my lesson and with bigger Velcro straps, he still wears his current pair of shoes after even after 8 months. When the shoes get too scuffed a good polish always does the job”.

When talked about kids shoes how can we miss kids shoes especially for our little missy. Now a day’s shoe shops are well stocked with playful or conformist sandals for girls. The girl’s shoes are accustomed with bright and flowery colors of red, pinks and yellows which depicts the cuteness and beauty of a girl. These are teamed up with beautiful designs such as the butterfly, flowers, stars and angels.

There are many brands in store which are carefully selected keeping in mind active kids. They serve as excellent accessories which can be worn on all occasions whether it’s a pool party or an excursion or even going to school. There are several stores which are a one stop destination for shoe shopping and I am sure you would have a great experience shopping for you little girls much loved shoes, and for your little boy to help keep him fit and active.

New lines and stock are added to provide maximum variety and choice for these little customers. These shoes sellers keep in mind all sizes right from pre walker to kid’s shoes. School uniforms and shoes do not need to be boring .Keeping this in mind many well known shoe brands have brought some designs of school shoes which are different from the traditional school shoes. There is a huge variety of kids school shoes sourced from different brands.

Many parents do not realize the importance of walking right. It is the duty of every parent to teach their children to walk right and make them understand the importance of posture. These lessons must start very early in life. When it comes to kids shoes, special attention should be paid on the comfort and design of the shoe. There are several cheap and reasonable shoes available in the market. But in order to make your child walk properly one must buy good quality shoes from a known shop. These stores sources the best know brands which are designed keeping in mind the above .While purchasing shoes you can seek help of the well trained staff which will always make you feel welcome and help you sought the right pair of shoe for your kid at the best possible price. For more details visit: http://www.eeruka.com/

Eeruka.com is Kids Shoes Store provide quality worth with every penny and exclusive design, leather insole, lightweight & the PABLOSKY quality kids school shoes for both boys and girls.

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