Children’s toys can help parents teach manners

Encouraging their youngsters to be polite is a goal shared by the vast majority of parents and there are many ways in which they try to achieve this.

Often, mums and dads can be seen in public situations attempting to instil manners in their kids.

According to a Psychology Today blog by Lisa Maria Luccioni, children’s toys can come in handy for this purpose.

She noted that certain items that can be bought in toy shops come in handy when it comes to role-playing.

For example, pretend telephones can be used to help boys and girls develop skills to answer real calls in a polite fashion.

This way of getting youngsters’ manners up-to-scratch may be welcomed by parents as their offspring are generally more than keen to engage in games than they are to receive formal instructions.

She said: “Most children enjoy role-play.

Use the opportunity to instruct on proper protocol. My beloved six-year old niece Caitlyn likes to pretend she and her Aunt Lisa Marie are travelling to Disney World where we dine with Cinderella.

“I make sure that when ‘checking in’ to our hotel, we say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ to the various staff.”

She went on to remark: “Even children’s toys can be incorporated to teach courtesy … I’ve even used Caitlyn’s dolls to demonstrate car safety as we ‘drive’ down to Florida. She knows we’re not moving forward until even the safety belts are fastened.”

Meanwhile, if youngsters receive children’s toys as a present from a friend or family member, their parents can use the opportunity to help them write thank you notes, Ms Luccioni pointed out.

One way to persuade them to do this is to get them their own stationery, she advised.

The writer stated: “I’ve discovered children demonstrate more ‘buy-in’ if they have their own paper stationery.” Such products do not have to be expensive, she went on to note.

There are a plethora of items available that can help kids get into writing letters of this kind. Coloured pens and white cards are two examples.

Those who wish to purchase such things may be well advised to go online to do so as there is often a greater choice available and prices can be lower too.

Ms Luccioni commented: “There’s an art to thank you note writing, addressing, stamping and sending, and your children should be versed in the how-to. If your child cannot yet write, consider having them make a piece of art to send.”

Recipients of this kind of offering may well display the colourful pieces on their refrigerators, the writer noted.

Although verbal acknowledgements of gifts are appreciated, some presents “demand the handwritten treatment”, she went on to say.

By taking the advice of Ms Luccioni and using kids’ toys and games to instil manners in youngsters, parents may achieve their goal of ensuring their sons and daughters are well behaved without the children even realising they were learning.

The fun aspects of such activities mean kids are not conscious they are picking up information, making it easier for mums and dads to get their message across.


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