Do Adoptive Parents Necessitate An Attorney?

When a couple wishes to adopt a child, a number of things must happen before the process begins to take shape. While it can be a stressful and expensive time for potential adoptive parents, one option they must decide on is whether or not to hire a lawyer. Each state has slightly different laws. For example, laws for a Kansas adoption are different from the laws for a Missouri adoption. Local jurisdictions within each state have slightly different specifications from one county or city to the next. There are many reasons to seek legal counsel during the adoption process. While it is not required and may appear to be less expensive, it should be carefully considered before making a final decision.

For those in uncharted waters, all of the rules and regulations regarding adoption may seem complicated and strange. Because they are different for each state, it is possible for someone to accidentally promise something or take actions against the law which could put an adoption in danger of falling through at a later time. Having legal counsel familiar with the process may prevent added expenses and heartbreak.

An overall look at the adoption process usually takes place during an initial meeting with a lawyer. The consent laws by birth parents, coverage of expenses for birth mother, advertising restrictions and eligibility for private adoptions should be reviewed at this time. There are also differences in private and agency adoptions that an attorney can address.

The correct papers must be filed by certain dates in certain jurisdictions. Because each state requires different filings by different deadlines, the adoptive parents should find a lawyer familiar with the process that can help them to successfully navigate the requirements for that locality.

In some cases, it may be difficult to track down the birth father. When paperwork from this individual is required, as it is in certain places, an attorney will be aware of different resources and avenues to find him and speed up the process.

Lawyers and international adoption agencies can help provide assistance with the unique circumstances presented by adopting children or babies from other countries. Other nations carry a separate set of laws and regulations. Each country has its own laws regarding their orphanages and the rights of the birth and adoptive parents. Many of the records kept on orphaned children in other countries are incomplete, which makes the process more difficult. Using an American attorney well-versed in international adoptions for that potential adoptive parent’s particular state reduces the risks of having difficulties in the process.

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