Fujian Chain Enterprise Funds To Finance Children’s Shoes Crack Problem

Wanting to develop the channel, but do not have enough money how to do? Dealers frequently arrears, corporate cash flow difficulties do? In the future, children’s shoes, these enterprises are facing financial difficulties, will be a certain degree of ease. Recently, the Fujian branch of children’s shoes footwear industry associations and the Quanzhou branch of China Minsheng Banking Corporation officially became partners, specifically for children’s shoes industry, to expand channels for capital challenges facing the introduction of the “industrial chain financing options.”

 Footwear Industry Association, according to children’s shoes in Fujian Province Branch of the Secretary-General Hsieh sound introduction, the industrial chain financing is intended primarily for agents and distributors, agents and distributors from the loans, manufacturers guarantee, loan agents and business oriented channels for the construction of and payment of arrears and so the two major manufacturers in use, only used for other purposes. If implemented well, it will not only help individual enterprises to solve the problem of arrears, to create a healthy inter-enterprise business model is very useful attempt.

 At present, the gang Deng, Yong Gao Ren, Wan Tai-sheng, karting, Cornell University, Blue Cat, Guaiguai Gou so many children’s shoes enterprises in Quanzhou of this program indicated a strong interest and intend to make further negotiations Minsheng Bank . “This is a very good program, we are very interested.” Wan Tai Shing Group General Manager Lin Wei-sheng said that now do business, and almost all faced with the problem. These arrears, ranging from several hundred thousand dollars, as many as a million, over time, they form a vicious circle, which is their liquidity is quite negative, so the “industrial chain financing options,” If put into practice, on the one hand help solve the business cash flow problems, it can also resolve channel expansion worries agents can be described as double benefit.

Branch president of children’s shoes, Nanan City, FU Wei-Jin, chairman of Blue Cat Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.

believes that this year is children’s products industry, strength of the hair, the only sufficient funds in order to protect the company made power unimpeded. “Industrial chain financing options,” according to the actual needs of various enterprises, targeted development of financing options suitable for different businesses. If both the implementation of the entire industry together for changing the hidden rules of arrears will be a very useful attempt.

 In the industry generally agreed that “very good”, while bosses, there are many concerns. “This is a test for agents and distributors in case they are not honest, firms are not taken for a ride? Because of a guarantor, but business owners ah!” Lin Wei-sheng that in financing the program before the implementation of their most pressing need to do is to select high-quality, integrity agents, the first of their character, credit and enterprise’s brand recognition, are the need for some consideration, qualified in order to be assured of the co-operation.

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