New Years Eve DC Adoptions

On December 31, local animal shelters and animal rescue centers will be hosting New Years Eve DC (Domestic Cat) adoptions for half off of the regular fees. The ultimate goal of this area-wide event is to give the sheltered cats “forever homes” and raise money for their causes.

The seven participating locations are the Northeast Animal Rescue League, Southbridge Animal Rescue League, Noah’s Ark Animal Hospital, the Regional Animal Shelter, Paws and Tails Pet Orphanage, the Pets R Us of Southbridge, and Pets R Us of Methlin County. Right now, there are over 1,000 homeless cats sheltered in the seven locations combined. The goal is to give at least 800 of them “forever homes” during the new years eve d.c. adoption drive.

The New Years Eve DC adoption drive is not only for people to come out and adopt a loving cat, but to raise awareness about strays and abandoned pets.

By educating the public, the rate of homeless animals in the area may hopefully drop.

If anyone is interested in adopting a d.c. new years eve in the perfect time to do it. You will have the opportunity to learn how to bring a new cat into your home (whether you have other pets, children, or whatever the situation may be). Veterinarians and animal-expert volunteers will also be available to answer questions you might have about behavioral issues, diet/nutrition, and any other questions you have about taking care of a domestic cat. Plus, the adoption fees, which usually run between $ 50-100, will be 50% off! For each cat adopted during the drive, local veterinarian offices will offer FREE spay/neuter vouchers & discounted rabies and other vaccinations.

Even if you are not interested in bringing a pet home, you may still donate money to help the volunteers and their causes.

Come out to one of the participating locations on December 31st and make a check or money order out to the New Years Eve DC adoption drive to show your support. Unopened pet food, treats, collars, leashes, beds, litter boxes, etc. will be accepted as well to help the shelters and rescue centers. If you are interested in volunteering, please sign up at a participating location by December 20th.


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