Life Insurance For Parents

On 9/11 two families I knew from my swim club lost their husband/father. There aren’t enough adjectives to describe the emotions we all felt not only for those poor, young families. There was, however, also a sense that many of us (the members) dodged a bullet, for it could have been any one of us who lost a family member. I remember telling my wife, shortly after 9/11, that I was just sitting in a seminar in the towers two weeks before. My friend had a 9 a.m. business meeting in the towers the week before. Another friend had to cancel a meeting on 9/11 for personal reasons. Any one of us could have been “them”.

So where are these struggling families now? Every summer I still see them at the swim club. The kids are getting bigger. They run around with my kids and my friends’ kids, smiling and laughing and living. I see the mothers at various little parties at the Tikki Bar, drinking and laughing and living.

Their lives are certainly different. Their Dads are missing from the picture. But there they are living the same lifestyle they had before 9/11.

How is this possible? Life insurance. Each of the fathers was smart. Very smart. Why? They believed in life insurance. They were not like most people who see life insurance as an expense, a product to be sold to them by some aggressive, commission-seeking life insurance agent. The see life insurance for what it really is, a deferred asset. These two, smart, husbands and fathers were not satisfied with the meager life insurance their employers provided. They sat down with an insurance professional and, together, determined how much life insurance they needed in order for their families to live the same exact lifestyle in the event of their death.

This isn’t an illustration, this is reality. When someone dies the thought that races through the minds of many individuals is that it won’t happen to me. It only happens to the other person. Well to me you are the other person. People die. Fathers die. Mothers die. It happens every day of every week of every month. When one of the individual’s who dies is a breadwinner the effects upon the family are compounded if there is not adequate life insurance. If you are a parent and you don’t have adequate life insurance you are being negligent and uncaring. Life insurance is a must have for all parents.

How much is enough? As a financial professional I use the following formula to determine how much is enough for my clients:

Gross annual compensation lost as a result of death divided by 5%

Example: Joe and Jean Smart are married with three small kids. Joe makes $ 80,000 a year and Jean makes $ 20,000, working part time. Joe has $ 200,000 in life insurance provided to him by his employer. Jean has none. Both come to see me to find out how much life insurance they need. I go through the above formula: $ 80,000 divided by 5% = $ 1,600,000 minus $ 200,000 = $ 1,400,000. If Jean dies, the family will need $ 400,000 to replace her lost wages.

Why the 5%? If you were to invest Joe’s $ 1,600,000 into a relatively conservative investment that generates 5% interest it will produce $ 80,000 of income. If you were to invest Jean’s $ 400,000 into the same investment it will generate $ 20,000 in income. Financially, the family is secure.

Some may look at this simple illustration and argue that they could cut their insurance need in half and use some of the principle. Well, if you did that, in 14 years you would be out of money. What if you reduce your need to $ 1 million, and use the principle? In 20 years you would be out of money. You see, there is no way of making the case for using the principle to fund your lifestyle if you plan on living for a long time. Eventually you will run out of money. The only way to insure your financial future is to determine how much income you need to replace and obtain an amount of insurance to help fund an investment to generate the income you need.

There are two types of insurance: Term and Permanent. Term insurance is pure insurance. You pay for the death benefit and that is all. Term expires every year and must be renewed every year. Term is the cheapest type of insurance available. Permanent insurance is a combination of death benefit and investment. The premiums are higher and the reason for this is that part of the premium is used to create some type of investment return, known as cash surrender value. This cash surrender value builds up over time and can be used to pay the premiums down the road. Thus, it is permanent. Which type should you own? In my opinion everyone should have a combination of term insurance and permanent insurance. The term coverage should represent about 70-75% of your total insurance coverage and the permanent the rest. The reason for this is that as you get closer to retirement age, term will be too expensive to maintain any longer. The permanent insurance cash surrender value can then be used to help provide some supplemental income in the form of borrowing from your built-up cash surrender value, which would be tax free. As you get closer to your retirement years your insurance needs are reduced and the permanent insurance will be there to provide some death benefit for your spouse as well as some supplemental income.

If you have young kids you have an adult responsibility to provide your family with adequate life insurance. It is hard enough on the family, psychologically, when a spouse/parent dies. Don’t compound it by further burdening them with financial trauma as well. There is no smooth transition when a loved one is lost, but compounding that loss with the need to sell the home, move into a cheaper neighborhood, uproot the children, just exacerbates the situation. Do the right thing and do it today. Get to an insurance agent and find out how much you need. Listen to them and do not challenge them. They are the professionals. They are there to help. Be a smart and caring parent!

Tom is a Certified Public Accountant, a Certified Financial Planner, CLTC (Certified Long-Term Care) and President of Cerefice & Company, the largest CPA firm in Rahway, New Jersey. Tom works with clients helping them manage their money, retirement planning, college savings, life insurance needs, IRAs and qualified plan rollovers with an eye towards maximizing tax benefits and minimizing taxes. Tom is founder of the Rich Habits Institute and author of “Rich Habits”.


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How To Start The Adoption Process Today

Everybody has high hopes for a perfect life. From getting the perfect job to finding and marrying the perfect mate to choosing the perfect time to have a child, everyone has their plan. However, real life is not about perfection. The reality is that sometimes in life, things do go according to our plan. But, we should not let that dictate how we live. We should always live life to the fullest, making adjustments, as needed, along the way.

For many couples, one of the biggest setbacks to their “plan” happens when they find out that they cannot conceive their own child naturally. That is usually when adoption becomes a more real option for them. However, the issue that many face is when to make that adoption happen. Despite realizing that they are at a point in their lives when they want to share their love with a child, people still seem to hold off until the “perfect time.” But, that perfect time may not happen as they think, and days turn into months, and months into years, until they finalize realize that they are still childless.

Life is about living, learning, and experiencing. It’s also about love and sharing it. Just think of how awesome life would be with a child of your own. Think of all of the wonderful things that you could see and explore as a family. Adopting a child should not be dictated by some magical formula or moment. It should be directed by your desire to build your family because for many, that’s what life is about…personal growth for themselves and those that they love. This is especially true when it comes to the challenges and rewards of raising a child.

If you are at a point in your life when you no longer want to miss out of the many amazing opportunities that you could be having with a child of your own, you should begin the adoption process. You have so much to offer a child and that child, no doubt, will have just as much to offer you. Even though the time may not be absolutely perfect or your home may not be absolutely perfect, none of that will matter once you have a child to have, to hold, and to love.

To learn more about adoption, contact an adoption coordinator at Lifetime Adoption to discuss your options and to get the process started today! Lifetime Adoption can be reached anytime from 8am-5pm Pacific Time at (530) 432-7373. The lifetime that you will share with your child will be full of absolutely perfect moments and perfect love.

Mardie Caldwell, COAP, is an adoptive mother, award-winning author, and an internationally recognized adoption professional. Founding Lifetime Adoption Center in 1986, she has helped complete thousands of adoptions nationwide. Caldwell often reminds prospective parents that “there is a baby for you,” acknowledging that there is truly a child for everyone who seeks to adopt. Her adoption center accepts applications at no cost from parents seeking to adopt.

Learn more about Caldwell’s Lifetime Adoption Center online at There is no fee to apply to adopt so step out in faith today and learn how you can get started in building your family through adoption.


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quot;Arts test,” good and bad talent on the road, “single-log bridge”? – Arts test, useful, single-plank bridge – Education

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Not much interested in art and accumulation, to participate in arts Test Only because of mediocre grades, to more easily obtain a university. In recent years, with the art institutions of higher enrollment, “Arts test,” seems to have become more and more how much candidates into the University’s “shortcut.”

Statistics, according to the education sector in Shanxi Province, the province registered for the 2008 College Art Major Candidates 4.3 million, an increase of 10,000 over 2007 people. Enrollment in the Shanxi University, a fine arts course in front of his family from the Shanxi Xinzhou of Liu Yan, who came to this application. Liu Yan increase this year, three have not previously had any art foundation, where the acceptance period of 7 months of art training, recruitment in the examination room will be artsy.

At this course, no art such as Liu Yan basis, through the arts for the purpose of examination candidates, accounting for 70% of course.

In addition to several thousand dollars to pay tuition fees, ranging from first million, the field to the candidates and pay accommodation costs in varying amounts. However, their family members are all very supportive, although many come from low income rural families. Xiao Zhang

university entrance students choose to repeat next year in the arts to participate in college entrance examination. She said that if she adopted the art of professional courses, cultural courses next year, her performance as long as a slight increase, it is expected to be one colleges and universities.

Appears in the real art lovers, the training of the students are “dressed experts coat of amateurs.” He studied double reed, he won the ranking in the country’s strict Kai, said: “Under the weight of the test, which rely on short relentless training, the practice of temporary battlefield, easily disgusted students in art, art itself is a blasphemy.

“Test arts” course good and bad

Want quick, you have to participate in the examination for the purpose of the course, many good and bad of course emerged. Hsu, Shanxi University, in the vicinity of West Street, not far apart you will see an entrance arts training. According to one informed source disclosed that the majority of these courses is not eligible for school.

Number of training courses based in the poor condition of the hotel, the students in the beauty salon and restaurant upstairs study. In the “good business” of course “classroom” where each student per capita area of less than 1 square meter, all standing, support a drawing board and, apart from no more room. Although crude

condition, charges are not vague. 800 yuan per month to 1,600 per month. Some “deep intelligence,” the long-term toll of 1.5 million per class and asked Yicijiaoqing. A training course students range from dozens of people, and more to 200.

Months of intensive training, really good foundation with the launch competition? Faced with these questions, almost every course the students can show their achievements over the years, adding that access to an art school candidates do not have any basis, they should be able to learn by.

However, these students and their parents come here especially do not know, a lot of the organizers of training courses and teaching are not as they imagined as a “hard air.” To attract talented students, many teacher training courses play a certain speaker of the signs, but the actual teaching, the “teacher” is only linked to a title or a face exposed to disappear, most of course was in undergraduate and graduate school for art .

Taiyuan Normal University art professor Hu Jianfeng some of the “black studio” of the scam are summarized as follows: to “ensure that students pass the professional examination” or “enrollment rate reached 100 percent” and false advertising; play “in the candidates list,” where teachers Roll Recommended name; the guise of trick with a low-tuition students; “small classes, one on one counseling”; “entrance marking teachers” teach themselves; and mature relationship between the school admissions, college entrance examination and admission when the school for Latin America; list of so-called ” candidates in the list, “such brilliant results.

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Parent Child Relationship Problems How To Deal

Are you having problems with your parents or with your own kids? The parent-child relationship is one of the most beautiful relationships one can have in life, and it is one that comes naturally for every person. Unlike romantic relationships which have to be found, developed, and maintained, a parent-child relationship is simply present, is natural, and is constant. There is no such thing as breakups, and sometimes this is not always a good thing.

In friendships and relationships, people tend to deal with problems more easily because they know they have a way out at any time. The fear of losing someone can also lead a person to see resolution to relationship problems.

Parent child relationship problems, however, are dealt with very differently. Often, people take this relationship for granted and just let the problems pile up.

How can you save your relationship with a parent or a kid despite all the inevitable problems and disagreements that may come?

1. Resolve problems individually and immediately. Since parents and kids cannot possibly leave each others lives, problems are usually neglected or buried. In time these develop into bigger messes and huge gaps between them, sometimes even without their knowledge. And because of the longer length of the relationships, there are more chances to develop problems. Each of these problems should be tackled individually and immediately once they come up.

2. Find complete healing. If problems are not immediately resolved, they may get stored up in each others subconscious mind, along with negative feelings such as anger, distrust, doubt, fear, and even hatred towards the other party.

If these negative feelings are given the chance to take root in the subconscious, they will direct habits and behaviors. For example, a person who always received negative comments about his abilities from his parents may not have enough motivation and confidence in himself. Therefore, he does not perform well in school.

And if the smallest seed of anger takes root, a child can grow up with a subliminal anger towards his or her parent. When provoked, this anger can come up at any time through his actions and words, thus further damaging the relationship.

Once these elements reach the subconscious, the only way to uproot them is through subliminal programming. This will reprogram the mind and reset it to its natural state where positive thoughts and feelings such as love for parents/child, appreciation for each other, and so on prevail.

3. Develop open communication. Both sides should be willing to communicate. An openly communicative relationship between parents and children can help them form a closer bond. They are not just parents and children; they get to know each other on a personal level. This is the ideal parent-child relationship, and it can help prevent many possible problems from driving a gap between the two parties.

But communication skills dont come naturally for everyone. This is why you should also consider the use of subliminal messaging designed to improve communication skills. This is the use of audio or video containing subliminal messages that are created to organize and open up the mind and make it more able to direct healthy communications.

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