Parenting a Child With Anxiety Disorder

Throughout the world, there are millions of children suffering from child anxiety disorder and parents of such children face a daily uphill battle trying to help their children enjoy life normally just like their peers.

Childhood anxiety disorder is the situation where children normally from ages 6 upwards become overly anxious, worried and scared when they come across unfamiliar situations or experiences. Even though these situations occur with every child at some point in their lives, the disease is diagnosed when these symptoms affect a child all the time to the extent that, it inhibits his/her ability to lead a normal life and development.

Parenting child anxiety can be an extremely difficult for many adults due to the extensive lack of information about this condition. It’s important to know that this condition is fairly common among children everywhere in the entire world.

According to statistics, children with anxiety account for 13 percent of all those aged from 9 to 17 and the condition is more prevalent among girls than boys.

Many parents tend to blame themselves when they realize that their children are suffering from such conditions, instead of looking for ways to help their young ones out of their plight. If your son or daughter is suffering from childhood anxiety, the first step is to reason that it’s a natural situation which is occurring and therefore doesn’t mean you are a bad or ineffective parent. Causes of childhood anxiety include biological and psychological factors such as stress, heredity, etc.

Another great thing to do when you realize that your beloved kid is suffering from child anxiety disorder is to try to face the situation calmly and objectively. This will help you with the strength to assess the real situation going on with your kid and the necessary way forward to providing treatment for him or her. If you give your child the impression that you are in control of the situation then his/her chances of feeling pleasant about life will also be hugely enhanced.

On the other hand if your kid gets to know that you are scared and anxious about their situation then there will be more stress, fear and anxiety in them. Even though it’s normal for every parent to be worried about their child’s anxiety, acting tough as much as possible generates much more benefits to the affected kid.

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