Parents, Children, and the Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is a powerful tool most often used by adults to bring more financial success, personal relationship and other physical goods.

If you are not using it with your parent child relationship you are missing out on one of it’s greatest powers to transform and create joy in your life and the life of your children.

A few years ago a study was done where a school teacher was told that a group of children were the pick of the crop. They were supposed to be the fast and easy learners, when in fact they were average and below average.

The teacher became very excited about having the “gifted children” in her class and imagined how wonderful it was going to be teaching them that school year.

By the end of the term the children had become pretty close to gifted students.

Their test scores improved and they loved learning.

What made the difference? Nothing was said to the children, the only thing done differently was a teacher expecting these children to love learning and to do so easily.

That’s the answer; expectation.

Often parents get caught up in the misbehavior of their little ones and create a loop of same attitude and action due to the expectation and often dread of the problems caused by the children.

Rather than focusing on what is that you don’t enjoy, and thus bringing about more of it to interact with; shift gears and begin thinking, imagining and feeling your children in a new way of Being.

You do have the power to encourage them to be their best selves.

It’s not about manipulation or mind control either. It’s a simple process whereby you offer loving energy that uplifts your child while seeing them being their most talented, most loving selves.

Take a few minutes each morning before getting out of bed to imagine your children feeling happy and positive about themselves.

Go further and feel that loving, excited feeling of positive interactions with them.

If school is the issue imagine your child being excited about learning, understanding the information easily and doing a wonderful job.

If behavior issues are occurring then see the relationship with your child as you want it to be. Stay focused on this, knowing that what you are giving your passion to is what you are attracting more of.

Working with the law of attraction in parenting gives you a tremendous tool for uplifting your family and your relationships.

In the process of using this principle to create what is wanted, share the basics of the law of attraction with your children. Explain how what we feel the most strongly about is soon zooming it’s way towards us.

Create fun exercises to practice using this new skill and you will have accomplished the most powerful thing a parent can do, given your children the tools to transform their own lives with the shifting of thoughts and feelings.

Donna DeVane is a certified spiritual healer, life coach, author and teacher. Her passion is helping others live empowered lives through her books, classes, coaching and support network.

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