Parents File Zoloft Lawsuit After Childs Death


A Missouri couple filed a lawsuit against Pfizer after their child died from alleged Zoloft-attributed birth defects. This is another antidepressant-linked child death. Zoloft is an antidepressant drug manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Pfizer. Its generic name is setraline.

The lawsuit was filed on October 26, 2011 in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York. The fateful incident happened on October 29, 2009. Scott Day and Paula Peska had a child with a “Tetralogy of Fallot.” It is an atrial septal heart defect that was allegedly caused by Peska’s use of Zoloft during her pregnancy. The infant survived only one day before passing away.

“Pfizer knew of the dangerous birth defects associated with Zoloft use during pregnancy from the preclinical studies and the subsequent published studies confirming these risks.

Pfizer took no action to properly study Zoloft or did not properly publish the results of the studies it did do, which would have reflected that risk,” the lawsuit claims.

It also stated that “Pfizer failed to adequately warn or remedy the risks, but instead concealed, suppressed and failed to disclose the dangers. Even in the face of numerous published studies, Pfizer continues to deny these dangers and will not revise its drug labeling.”

This is not a first time wherein antidepressants are linked with this kind of fateful incident.  The previously published an article on a British Columbian couple.On February 21, 2009, Christiane Schultz, the mother, was prescribed Effexor while pregnant and bore a baby boy named Matthew. Unluckily, he died a mere two hours after birth.  She and husband Amery believed that her use of Effexor while she was pregnant contributed to Matthew’s death.  From then on, they have been trying to raise awareness on the hazards of antidepressant drugs to pregnant women and their children.

 The studies have concluded that Zoloft causes a wide range of birth defects, specifically cardiac malformations like atrial septal defects and ventricular septal defects.These typically occur when the mother has taken Zoloft within the first trimester of pregnancy, during which the baby’s heart is still forming in the womb. Another severe side effect is persistent pulmonary hypertension of the Newborn (PPHN), which is equivalent to high blood pressure in babies’ lungs. It can really be serious and can lead to death in extreme cases. Limb abnormalities and craniosynostosis (skull deformation) are also other birth defects that are allegedly blamed on Zoloft. These defects can be dangerous. Certain defects can correct themselves while others cannot and may even lead to complications and surgeries.

 Based on the FDA public health advisory, “health care professionals should avoid prescribing Zoloft in women who are pregnant or are planning pregnancy, unless other treatment options are not appropriate.”

The consumers should also be aware that various Zoloft lawsuit is presently being filed by victims against the manufacturer of the drug, Pfizer.

Without the diagnosis of a certified physician, a number of people tend to take in more of their antidepressants. For moms who are in pregnancy and are taking the Zoloft drug, this would increase their child’s predisposition to Zoloft birth defect, which can trigger in filling a Zoloft Lawsuit.

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