Pulse Oximeter Adopted By Ehs Departments

What is an EHS department? EHS stands for environmental, health, and safety. These departments are found throughout the world at various agencies. The main function of an EHS department is to support the primary function of any agency or company. They focus their attention to the safety of personnel and the safety of the environment based on the activities performed on the site. The importance of an EHS department can easily be seen on sites where research is performed in laboratory conditions, and on sites where products are manufactured. Their responsibilities range from safety, but also to protecting the environment from hazards. In order to do this, they rely on certain medical tools to aid in their process of gathering important data.

A lot of the medical tools EHS departments rely on for their emergency protocols include many respiratory related supplies. One of their main concerns is incidents where personnel might encounter situations where they are exposed to hazardous materials that could cause damage to their lungs. One medical device that they have adopted recently is a pulse oximeter. A pulse oximeter, also known as a pulse ox by some, is a medical device used to measure the blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate of an individual. These devices have proven their worth due to their portable size and cost. New technology has allowed the size of a pulse oximeter to drop dramatically, while maintaining high levels of accuracy and acceptable price ranges.

An EHS member can easily take the pulse rate and SPO2 of an individual who might have been exposed to hazardous conditions or is just experiencing trouble breathing. This information can then easily be transferred to a medical professional with ease and accuracy. A pulse oximeter combined with supplemental oxygen, it is becoming a staple in environmental, health, and safety departments located throughout the world.

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