Surrogacy A Better Option For Gay Parents Over Adoption!

There are many issues that gay couples have to face. These issues are social, ethical and sometimes legal too. These problems simply increase when they plan a family for themselves. If you see it is not possible for the gay couples to have their own babies naturally. They have to opt for alternate measures through which they can have their families. One of it is adoption by gay parents. This is the most convenient option that you can get but again this method has lots of drawbacks. These drawbacks are very much harmful for the future of the kid. Therefore gay surrogacy can be a better option. This is a method where the gay parents will be able to have their own kid.

Gay surrogacy is any day better than adoption by the gay parents because the id born will be theirs from the birth only. Some of the reasons why gay parents should opt for surrogacy over adoption are mentioned below. Basically there are two main reasons that make surrogacy better than adoption.

In every country there are certain norms for adoption of a child. And when the gay parents are approaching the adoption centers for adopting a child, they will have to go through stricter conditions. It is very much difficult for the gay parents to get through the procedures of adoption. Also they will not prefer to give the child to the parents of same gender. Reason being when the kids are born in different environment and when they are shifted to an environment where they find gay couples their mind set will change and this can harm them. They have seen a different world in the adoption center and then suddenly they get to see a different thing altogether, this will create an adverse impression on them. But this is not the case with surrogacy.

Also if the parents who are gay adopt a kid who is quite grown up and have knowledge about all these things might not feel comfortable living with them. This will create an environment of discomfort which is not good in the growth of the kids. But such a discomfort will not arise when they are bought in that environment only. Therefore surrogacy can help in making the life of a kid better rather than spoiling a kids life.

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