Toddlers and the Need of Understanding Them

If you look at all behavior as communication, ask yourself, “What is my child trying to tell me?” It is common to notice shifts in the behavior of toddlers. Different toddlers display different behaviors. Some may not afraid to mix up with outsiders where as some may feel extreme uncomfortable while with the unknown people. Before the development of the language, kids communicate through different signs and body gestures. Even after they started talking, they can use those symbols to express their feelings. In fact in Arts, one of the most common subjects in research is perhaps human development psychology.

The human brain is like a machine that is a constant source of thoughts, ideas and thought processes. It is composed of millions of nerves and cells. It is a common saying that just after the birth of a child, the brain remains like a blank slate.

When the child develops with the age, the social interactions started making impression on the empty slate. Through various signs and symbols, children express their present state of mind to the world. The parents are the first persons who could decode those signs and can understand their meanings.

Moreover, there are various tests also that can help the parents or the teachers to understand the children. If a toddler is demonstrating some unnatural behavior, it should be an issue of prime concern to the parents, because this may be a sign of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). But there is good news also. Research studies proved that there are some behaviors which we may consider as abnormal, is a usual thing in the day to day life of a toddler. Toddlers in the age group of 1 to 3 years may show signs like hitting, biting, refusal to share and even full-blown tantrums. The following tips can help the parents to understand their child and develop a healthy relation among them:-

1. Try to spend as much time as you can with your child. This will enable you to understand the child in a better way. Though it sometime becomes quite difficult to for these days busy parents to take out ample time, but a morning breakfast together or a bedtime story can be really helpful in this matter

2. Whenever your child complains you about something, don’t ignore it simply. Try to understand the child’s point of view. For example if your child says that someone comes in the child’s room during night, don’t just ignore the child’s words. There may be something that is creating fear in your kids’ mind

3. Children also go through many changes while they grow up. Being parents, we should never expect our kids to be the same throughout their life. There may be some change in their personality or attitude. Thus you need to cope up with the change. If you notice any bad influence over your toddlers personality. Then take prompt action to elevate those.

The key to understanding your toddler lies in understanding the development of his thought processes. It is only as these mature that those conflicting emotions and misleading abilities can come together to form the reasonable and manageable whole we call a child.

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