Useful Tips for Parents to Create Family Games for Baby

Infancy is the fastest human growth and development stage. If parents can take some time every day to play games with the baby, it can not only make the parent-child relationship more intimate, but also can promote healthier growth of the baby. Family fun is the needs for the full development of your baby, and the needs to develop good habits.

Parents should first create a good environment for family games. The game environment free and full of interesting things can attract the baby and enable them concentrate on playing. The game environment includes game content, game time, game materials and game space.

First, learn about the baby characteristics. The content of the family games should be suitable for the age and interest of baby, to dig and discover games from the life of the baby. Parents can also according to baby characteristics, find and design some games convenient to play at home.

For example, 2-year-old baby has such features: Large muscle control ability develops rapidly, and gradually able to control the fine motor of small muscles; in a sensitive period of language development; curious, like “do it yourself.”

According to the above characteristics of the 2 year olds, parents can design varieties of interesting games, such as: games promote large muscle development, do parent-child exercise, take the stairs, go through “caves” and so on; games promote development of small muscles, playing piano, pick up peas and so on. In a word, the content of games should be free and easy.

Second, the game materials should be focus on security, and is not the more expensive the better. In fact, the baby prefers handmade toys with used goods and items at home, because these toys can provide baby with more imagination space. For example:

Put various peas into plastic bottles at home, cover the lid, and let the baby observe different bottles, shake to listen to the sound and distinguish the difference. Another example is the used box. Make baby a shooting box with used cardboard boxes, dig holes with different sizes in different parts, and draw a number of animal head, squeeze newspapers into balls to shoot. In addition, cardboard boxes can change into many toys such as tunnels for baby to climb.

Finally, the game space can be a corner. Spacious family home can provide specific game room for baby, not spacious enough housing can arrange a corner as a separate baby play area. For example: to keep the baby a potted flower or a bean for babies to observe and understand the growth process; find a corner in the bedroom or living room and arrange with the waste material as a game environment for the baby, the baby still play a good time.

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