Why do pro-lifers think every woman who is physically capable of giving birth is qualified to be a mother?

Question by Bush Invented the Google: Why do pro-lifers think every woman who is physically capable of giving birth is qualified to be a mother?
Oh, yes, I know: “Put it up for adoption.”

You just let me know where the line starts for people in this country who want to adopt non-white children who are born addicted to crack or heroin, who have AIDS or syphilis or some other communicable disease that’s going to cost a fortune to treat.

I’ll make sure to direct the pregnant crack whores right to that line of people.
chicagolove: Great. So you promote child abuse and endagerment. Very nice. I assume you’re “pro-life”? LOL
Brian: No shortage of homes for any baby born in the U.S., huh?

Were you referring to these children?

Tom T: No one has ever suggested that the decision about abortion is an easy one. No one has ever suggested it is guilt-free and all sunshine and roses.

But the fact remains that the Constitution does not empower the government (either federal OR state) to control a woman’s reproductive decisions. For that reason, and because so many children are considered undesirable in this country because of medical conditions or the color of their skin (it’s an ugly reality, folks; white babies are more wanted in this country than any other race), it is morally reprehensible to force a woman to give birth to a child who will, more likely than not, be left neglected, or abused, or worse.

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Answer by chicagolove
If she chooses to screw, she can be a mother.

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11 thoughts on “Why do pro-lifers think every woman who is physically capable of giving birth is qualified to be a mother?”

  1. No one ever said that. Again once you get pregnant it’s a little late to think about that.

    There are so many people willing to adopt that they are forced to go overseas and yes adopt children of various races. There really would be no shortage of homes for any baby born in the US.

    Ah those list children not newborns. A newborn baby is snapped up well before he or she is born.

  2. Don’t know. But every human being with sexual organs is NOT qualified to have sex.

    The folks here on Y!A prove that each and every day.

  3. You are confusing newborn adoptions with older-child foster adoptions. Everybody wants babies- the line is a mile long, even when disabilities are involved. Often, the adoption is arranged before the baby is even born. It’s the older kids that have trouble being adopted.

    Besides, by your logic, we should kill anyone whose parents are not qualified to raise them. Why would that exclude those who have already been born?

    Just curious- if abortion prevents child abuse, why has the rate of abuse gone UP since the passage of Roe v Wade? I smell something fishy, I think it’s a red herring.

  4. Thank you. Or the children that end up in the foster care system. Do people realize how many children stagnate in their and then up perpetuating the system of poverty because of it.

    I personally think the biggest statement a pro-lifer can make is to foster,.

  5. Right!

    It’s much better to just kill the child than let it grow up unwanted!

    MUCH better!

    (I think that’s the same logic Andrea Yates used…)

  6. I understand that line forms out front of the local church, send the women there, I’m sure they’ll be embraced,and asked to stay..I’m sure among these religious folks the homes will be abundant

  7. valid point.

    Not to mention most will sell their babies for drug money.

    However, how many of these drug addicts, have the $ $ for an abortion? How many have insurance for the pregnancy? Chances are if they get pregnant, they miscarry, keep the child and the child dies, or they leave it in a trashcan.

    Many times, if they do go to the hospital they call socal services and take the child from them.

  8. but chigao love, it will be the tax payers that end up footing the bill for the medical care.
    honestly, how many crack whores do you know who have medical insurance?
    This is one area that as a conservative, I support abortion in instances such as this. I’d rather see a heroin addict have an abortion than give birth to a heroin addicted baby. The amount of pain and suffering that small life has to go through is torture.

  9. Years ago I once sided with my wife’s decision to have an abortion. It remains my biggest single regret in life. I pray often that God will forgive me for being so selfish. So does my wife. This is a mistake that people should avoid making.

  10. I saw a question here yesterday that asked if a mother had the right to choose. My thoughts were a real mother wouldn’t have to choose. I agree with you. We don’t need anymore unwanted children in this world. If they are brought into the world they deserve to be loved and abortion is more humane.

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